Why Solar Roofs Have a Bright Future

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Renewable energy benefits both the environment and the economy. It can save money and generate income through installation of solar panels systems for future success.
Solar Roof Panels by High Roofing

There are various benefits to roofing contractors branching into this expanding sector.
Homeowners who wish to live more sustainably don’t only install energy-efficient windows and buy LED lightbulbs. Additionally, they are upgrading their houses and businesses with sources of renewable energy (RE), such as solar roofs.

The future of the solar roofing sector is promising. It could be time for contractors to start providing solar roofing installation to their clients rather than merely keeping an eye on this market. Before diving in, you should be aware of the following.

Solar Roofing is Growing Rapidly

By 2025, it’s anticipated that the market for solar roofing will reach close to $1 billion, and by 2030, it’s anticipated that 15% of American homes would have photovoltaic systems, which convert light into electricity. California has spearheaded the adoption of solar roofing with its laws, but interest in renewable energy is growing across the nation. In order to better serve our customers, we’ve started to increase the number of ABC Supply sites that provide the entire solar roofing system, which includes panels, tiles, shingles, racking, inverters, and storage. To discover more about the RE products offered in your region, get in touch with your neighbourhood branch.

Solar Profitability

The moment may be right for you to start investing in renewable energy and giving your company a completely new source of income.

Even if your consumers aren’t thinking of solar rooftops at first, there are advantages you might want to highlight. Solar roofing provides enough power to save them hundreds of dollars a year while still being ecologically beneficial. Over time, solar panels may prove to be cost-effective. The typical payback time is between six and ten years. With nett metering, where unused solar energy is kept on the utility grid and paid back to the consumer, that period may be reduced even more. The expense of charging a homeowner’s electric car can also be partially offset by a home’s solar rooftop.

Additionally, a federal tax credit for solar photovoltaic systems was just established by Congress. By including this form with their federal tax return, property owners and company owners can get a tax credit for 30% of the installation costs until 2032. This Internal Revenue Service FAQ provides more details on the tax credit’s operation. (To guarantee eligibility for it, property owners and company owners should obtain expert tax guidance.)

Getting Started

We are keeping an eye on the solar roofing sector to assist you in seizing chances in your market. Locations of ABC Supply that sell solar roofing can give information and even instructions on erecting solar roofing. The Solar Training Network of the Department of Energy is another resource for finding training opportunities.

With racking, inverters, batteries already in store, and access to tools like Solo that may help you sell solar roofs to your clients, ABC Supply makes it simpler to provide solar roofing. Additionally, we transport everything directly onto the top* you are working on, reducing safety concerns and your labour time while also helping you save time and money.

“ABC Supply offers the products and RE resources that contractors require to be successful in this expanding industry. Additionally, John Vondra, national merchandising manager for solar at ABC Supply, adds, “we might be able to assist you in understanding what prospects exist in your market. When considering whether or not to offer solar roofing to your consumers, we want you to feel secure in your choice.

Contact your local ABC Supply to discover more about the sustainable energy items offered there.

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